Contractor sign up

Registration is used to create an account for the organization which will act in public contracts processed by system E-ZAK as a contractor under the Act. By contractor is meant any person who supplies goods, provides services or performs works or more of these persons together.

If you just want to create additional user accounts to already registered contractor (add users that can perform operations under the contractor in the system), do not register, but sign in as the contractor and make the appropriate changes in the detail of the organization.

To successfully finish the registration you need a valid electronic signature based on a qualified certificate. Detailed information can be found in user's manual (pdf, 3.09 MB) and manual to applet for electronic signature (Czech) (pdf, 862.47 KB).

Instructions for completing the registration form: First, select the type of person - natural or legal, form items will adapt. If your browser does not use javascript, then items in the block named contractor marked by asterisk are only for the contractor - natural person. Contractor - natural person fills contact person block only if that person differs to the person who will perform tasks for the contractor in the system E-ZAK. Contractor - legal person fills that block everytime. Always set the username and password to sign the contact person / natural person in the system.

First we recommend to do a browser settings test.

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Activity type (as the contractor):

* Fill in for natural persons only
** Fill in for legal persons only
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